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We know you are very busy. And that you would like to use your pool whenever you wish without concerns about temperature, clarity, ph levels etc, etc. Since we want to make your life easier the perfect solution is to allow us to look after your pool ensuring it is in tip top condition at all times. As with a prestige car, your high quality pool needs professional and regular servicing

We aim to provide you with the right service at the right time, allocating you your "own" engineer. It is comforting for you to know exactly who will be visiting your property and a dedicated engineer can get to know your pool meaning that when something out of the ordinary occurs with the water or plant, it can be fixed efficiently so that you can enjoy your pool again without delay

Weekly, Fortnightly, Monthly or Holiday Maintenance Visits

How often we service your pool and/or spa depends on if it is located indoors or outdoors, its size and how often it is used. "Little and often" is however the key to the longevity of your pool and spa as well as your enjoyment. Please call us for a free survey during which we can discuss your special requirements. We will then design a tailor-made programme which can be adapted to suit your schedule and your pool's and spa's needs as necessary. We can also keep an eye on things when you are away on holiday.

Call out service and emergency visits

We know how worrying it can be when something suddenly goes wrong with your pool or spa. If you are intending to enjoy it for a party or planned fitness session then a leak or big temperature change could ruin the whole occasion. Depending on our engineers' schedules on any given day, we will endeavor to have a look at your pool or spa as soon as possible, and in most cases we will visit within 24 hours. Please contact us to see what we can do for you

Servicing of Plant and Sand Filter Changes

Our services include repairing and servicing gas and oil boilers, heat pumps, de-humidifiers, air-handling units etc. It is essential that all of these appliances are serviced on an annual basis and that all pool technology components are kept in good condition to ensure the smooth running of the pool and to avoid unnecessary faults and premature replacement of parts which can prove costly.

Swimming Pool and Spa Chemicals

We supply all the chemicals you require, such as chlorine tablets and granules, algicide, "shock", PH increaser and PH & alkalinity reducer as well as test strips.

You can place an order via telephone or email and we can deliver the products to your property depending on quantities and where you live.

Repair and Refurbishment

POOLTECH INTERNATIONAL can update your pool to get that stunning new look again. We can repair concrete, external and internal finishes or upgrade and replace anything from the heating system to the underwater lights, if required. Or you may just want to improve the water filtration and circulation

We offer complete refurbishment packages for large facilities such as schools and colleges, health clubs, hospitals and hotels.